Visualize Your Enterprise

Let’s do a quick mental exercise on visualization:

Let’s say that you were thinking about starting a new business. I’ll say it’s an auto detailing business that requires you to go around to the different car dealerships in your city and sell them pre-sales auto detailing services. Basically, the business is that you would go and detail the cars before the dealership places the cars on the lot for sale to the customers.

You get a few clients and things are starting to pick up when suddenly banks stop lending money to people to buy cars. Your clients cancel their contracts with you and now you’re left holding the bag on your business loans and on top of that you still need to cover your living expenses.

What do you do?

It’s easy to picture that you may end up defaulting on loans and you may even end up losing your home and other property, really through no fault of your own.

Or is it?

What if instead of looking at the problem, you tried to picture the solution to the problem?

Ask yourself the question:

“Who else could use my services?” or

“Where else could I go find customers?”

How’s this for a solution to our car detailing problem:

Instead of focusing on new car dealerships, you look to other industries that could use your expertise in auto-detailing. Places like car shows, car competitions and exhibits, auto body shops, custom stereo installation shops, or just go around to other businesses and see if they could offer discounted auto-detailing to their employees as a prize or as a benefit of some kind.

It’s good to know who your target market is, but you also need to be flexible and look to adjacent or complimentary places to find new customers when you need to.