Customize Your Ride With Auto Meter Gauges and Stay Safe Too

Whether you own a commuter vehicle, highway cruiser, race car, high performance street rod, or a tricked out ATV, when it comes to replacing or upgrading your gauges, auto meter gauges are the only gauges you need to look for. Your vehicle’s gauges are a visual indication of how your vehicle is performing. Depending upon what type of vehicle you own, the number of gauges and the purpose of those gauges may differ. However, regardless of what type of gauge it is, your gauges need to provide accurate information and be manufactured to withstand years of regular and consistent usage. Gauges are technologically advanced to provide concise readings and available in a vast assortment of unique styles suitable for virtually every customized vehicle.

Speedometers are just one of the many gauges available. A speedometer indicates the speed at which the vehicle is traveling and serves as a critically important visual aid that lets the driver know exactly how fast the vehicle is moving. The speed limits posted by those in authority are posted in order to protect the safety and security of all those who travel on the multitude of roadways throughout the world.

They are posted to serve as a warning of what is considered the maximum speed that a vehicle should be traveling based on that particular terrain and environmental condition. Going above the maximum speed is considered to be hazardous and, as all those who drive on the highway are well aware, going above the speed limit can earn you a speeding ticket from a well intentioned police officer. These officials are trying to protect the driver of the vehicle, and the rest of the drivers on the road, from any personal or physical damages that might occur due to excessive speed. It is obvious the speedometer is a very important vehicle component.

Speedometers need to be extremely reliable and built to last, but not all are built with the same high quality standards. They are frequently relied upon by driving industry experts for their dependability, accuracy and designs that let them watch their speed in style!

Other customizable gauges include devices that provide a driver with important information about the current operating condition of the vehicle. Tachometers relay important information about how hard the engine of the vehicle is working to the driver. They measure the amount of power being generated by the engine and then visually convert this information into a unit of measure known as RPM’s. Different engines are designed to withstand different RPM’s and also built to withstand different RPM’s based on various road conditions and circumstances.

When a vehicles engine exceeds its specifically recommended RPM’s, or revolutions per minute, it is working harder than it was designed or built to do, thus putting the proper functionality of the engine at risk. Changing gears at the appropriate time ensures that the vehicle does not exceed its individual RPM recommendations. Tachometer gauges transmit and relay this important information to the driver who can manually change gears to adjust the RPM’s and keep the engine running at peak performance levels.

For vehicles with an automatic transmission, the tachometer gauge acts as the alert signal that the transmission is not operating properly, thus giving the driver the opportunity to stop the vehicle and avoid any additional trouble that might occur as a result of the gears not shifting at the appropriate time.

Visualize Your Enterprise

Let’s do a quick mental exercise on visualization:

Let’s say that you were thinking about starting a new business. I’ll say it’s an auto detailing business that requires you to go around to the different car dealerships in your city and sell them pre-sales auto detailing services. Basically, the business is that you would go and detail the cars before the dealership places the cars on the lot for sale to the customers.

You get a few clients and things are starting to pick up when suddenly banks stop lending money to people to buy cars. Your clients cancel their contracts with you and now you’re left holding the bag on your business loans and on top of that you still need to cover your living expenses.

What do you do?

It’s easy to picture that you may end up defaulting on loans and you may even end up losing your home and other property, really through no fault of your own.

Or is it?

What if instead of looking at the problem, you tried to picture the solution to the problem?

Ask yourself the question:

“Who else could use my services?” or

“Where else could I go find customers?”

How’s this for a solution to our car detailing problem:

Instead of focusing on new car dealerships, you look to other industries that could use your expertise in auto-detailing. Places like car shows, car competitions and exhibits, auto body shops, custom stereo installation shops, or just go around to other businesses and see if they could offer discounted auto-detailing to their employees as a prize or as a benefit of some kind.

It’s good to know who your target market is, but you also need to be flexible and look to adjacent or complimentary places to find new customers when you need to.

Auto Parts & Accessories Made For Your Car

It would not hurt to buy spare auto parts and accessories for your car especially if you love tinkering with it and would like to make improvements on how the car looks. However, it still takes money to buy anything so it is best to purchase auto parts & accessories that are original and covered with warranty. These will ensure you that you will get your money’s worth. There are several auto parts, engine parts and auto accessories you have to learn about especially if it is your first time to buy and own a car. Knowledge on these items will aid you in times of vehicular problems, will let you know whether something has to be replaced or fixed and you will know which items will look good on your car.

There are several auto parts, which are the components of automobiles, that you have to know about such as the:

air filter – the device in your car that removes dust, pollen, mold and bacteria from the inside of the vehicle.
alternator – the part of your car which is used to charge the battery and power your car’s electric system. It converts mechanical energy into electrical when the engine starts running.
brake – an important auto part because this is the device used for slowing or stopping your car
carburetor – the device in your car that blends air and fuel for the internal combustion engine
clutch – the device used for rotating shafts
distributor – the device in the ignition system that directs the high voltage from the ignition coil to the spark plugs in the correct firing order
spark plug – an electrical device used in cars to ignite compressed aerosol gasoline

Another important component in your car that you have to learn the basics is the engine. The engine of your car is the part responsible for starting and running the vehicle. There are four stages involved in a 4-stroke combustion engine cycle and these include:


There are also different engine types for different vehicles and these include:

Gas turbine
Rocket engine
Steam engine
Stirling engine

Auto accessories on the other hand, are add-ons that can make your car look good and even run better. Some of the auto accessories that are often purchased from auto shops are:

Bicycle carrier
Body kit
Car alarm
Child safety lock
Cigar lighter receptacle
Cup holder
Custom wheels
Molded carpet
Power door locks
Power seat
Power steering
Power windows
Audio and visual entertainment devices
Automotive navigation systems

Tapping Into the Power of Visualization to Achieve Your Goals

Tapping into the power of visualization is a highly effective way to achieve your goals when you combine it with the power of self-belief and action.

When John Reese was in his mid-20s his last job was working as a video store attendant. But he knew that this was only temporary and that he was destined for bigger and greater things.

Every day he would take to work with him two magazines – Entrepreneur Magazine where he could learn about business and be inspired by successful business owners and entrepreneurs and Auto Trader where he look at Porsches that were for sale. John Reese had, and still has, a passion for fast cars.

“When I had nothing I was already driving Ferraris and Porsches and stuff because I always wanted those cars. I already knew I was going to have those cars. It was inevitable. That was just my inevitable outcome.”
John Reese

When asked what he was doing with the Auto Trader magazine John Reese would calmly say:

“I’m picking out the Porsche I’m going to buy.”

You can imagine the derision that received but he was undeterred. Even when his boss told him:

“You know you really shouldn’t do that to yourself, John because it’s very, very, likely that is never going to happen. It’s very likely that you’re never going to have that car.”

But John was adamant:

“No you don’t realise that’s it’s inevitable that I will drive here sometime in the near future with that car when I’m not working for you and drop movies off for you to put back on the shelf.”
John Reese

There’s an important lesson here – don’t live your life by other people’s standards. You can’t live your life by what others think is possible, especially what they think is possible for you, because time and time again history has blown the lid off what is possible.

As Dr Wayne Dyer, author of “Excuses Begone!: How to Change Lifelong, Self-Defeating Thinking Habits”, puts it you essentially have two options when it comes to your beliefs. You can believe that something isn’t possible and so consequently you act to support that particular belief and so manifest its inevitable outcome or you can believe the opposite. You can believe that something is possible and so act to support that belief and, in many cases you will achieve your desired outcome.

And even if you don’t achieve your desired goal what you will succeed in doing if you believe that you can achieve your goal will far surpass what you will achieve if you believe otherwise.

We can never know for sure how things will turn out because we cannot predict the future but it’s so much more rewarding and fulfilling and empowering to have thoughts that support what you desire in life rather than thoughts that support what you don’t want in life.

Years later John Reese did indeed drive up to this video store in his Porsche 911 Turbo convertible. Some of the individuals he had left behind were still working at that store. There were gasps of admiration.

“Wow! That is awesome! Is that your dad’s car?”

Instead of having an “I told you so” attitude instead he simply replied:

“Not exactly.”

He didn’t have anything to prove to these individuals. By using the power of visualization, self-belief, sheer determination and hard work he had achieved the goals he had set for himself when he was working at the video store. And it didn’t stop there.

John Reese continued to set himself what might have appeared to be even more audacious goals. For instance, he set himself the goal of earning a million dollars online in a single day – something which at the time had never been achieved before. And he achieved that goal too. So certain was he of this outcome that he registered the domain a week ahead of day when he planned to pull off his million dollar feat.