Auto Sound System With DVD – The Ultimate Visual Effect!

Whether you are in the market for your first auto sound system, or are looking for the next upgrade to your already great one, you should consider getting a head unit with integrated DVD playback. These come in a few different varieties to fit different budgets and desires. Read on to find out more about these bits of ultra-cool tech.

Integrated Display Head Units
There are head units available that have integrated LCD panels to display both DVD video and information or cool visualizations during audio playback. Some of these integrated panels are even touch sensitive, allowing total control of your player via the video display. The panels may either be fixed and visible at all times, or have motorized slide-out action that keeps the display hidden when not in use.

The major advantage of these types of units is they are pretty much plug and play. There is no need for the additional expense of both an external panel and the installation of it. You pay for this ease of installation and lower cost by having a (usually) much smaller display than buying one separately.

Video-Capable Head Units
These types of head units usually have an integrated DVD player, but display the video on separate LCD panels hooked up to a video output on the back of the unit. These units are somewhat cheaper than the ones with integrated displays (especially the touchscreen versions), but have the additional expense of a separate LCD panel that must be purchased and installed. You can get much larger panels than are available on the all in one units, and can select the ones that best fit your budget and viewing preferences. Plus, these kinds of head units can drive multiple displays for the ultimate in awesomeness.

Hybrid Head Units
These types of head units have both an integrated video panel which may or may not be touch sensitive, and also provide external video outputs. These kinds of head units are the most expensive, but provide lots of flexibility in installation, display options, and control. You can easily add additional panels later on, using the integrated display in the meantime. I recommend this type of video head unit over both of the others, as it is both usable out of the box and provides the most future-proofing of all three choices in terms of expansion capabilities.

Regardless of which type you choose to use, it is highly recommended that you have these installed by professionals. Mounting an LCD panel in a car and making it look good, be functional, and safe is a job best left to a professional. LCD panels are extremely easy to crack if you aren’t careful installing them, and since a car is a vibration prone environment, they must be mounted as securely as possible to avoid breaking later. And they are not cheap! Anytime you are dealing with such expensive equipment, it is best to have the installation handled by professionals who can provide a warranty. And a lot of manufacturers won’t warranty your parts unless you do have them installed by a professional shop. If you are going to spend the money on a video head unit for your auto sound system, you should spend the extra to make sure that it is installed right the first time.

Beat Office Stress With Visualization Exercises

When you’re working, it’s expected you will experience some kind of stress. After all, you have plenty of sources: demanding boss, office politics, deadlines, revisions, projects, and a whole lot more. It becomes more severe when you’re a family person, as you need to take care of your spouse and children after your time at the office.

However, a lot of people experience more negative stress than the others. More than 25 percent are experiencing physical signs, such as headaches, fatigue, muscle tension, appetite loss or gain, and loss of libido. Around 72 percent, meanwhile, develop mental issues such as anger, anxiety, depression, and energy loss. Some will also acquire sleeping disorders such as insomnia.

It’s not surprising that a good number will develop bad working habits such as absenteeism. Others would just quit their jobs out of burnout.

It’s very important for a person to learn to deal office stress the best way possible, one devoid of any medication or other conventional treatment. A very good method you may want to consider doing is visualization.

What is visualization? It’s a process where you create images or scenarios in your mind. The purpose of these scenarios is to, first, address the problem; second, to determine the best course of action; and third, to improve quality of life by means of subliminal messages, which you can tap anytime.

How to Accomplish It

If you want to do visualization, here are some of the steps you need to take:

Find the best time to do it. Visualization doesn’t have to happen at night or in the morning. Determine the best opportune moment. However, it’s recommended you do so at a time when there’s least noise or distractions, as this procedure requires your full concentration.

Determine the best position. You can lie down or sit on a chair. You can even stand and just close your eyes (this may work well for those who are used to the process). Make sure you’re very comfortable. Any inconvenience can still be distracting.

Close your eyes and breathe in and out. You cannot visualize properly if your mind is very much crowded. Hence, you need to find a way to get rid of worries, including office duties. So close your eyes and take slow and very deep breaths. Feel the vibrations created by the breathing. That will hopefully bring you to the present moment.

Visualize and add subliminal messages. When you’re fully relaxed and your mind is free, you can then start to visualize and feed subliminal messages, affirmations, or auto-suggestions into your subconscious. If you’re starting out, this is a challenge. You may then need the support of materials such as mp3s you can now download online. You can just play the subliminal messages or add them to your iPod. Listen very carefully to the spoken words and allow the music or the sound that goes along with them to make you feel further relaxed.

Customize Your Ride With Auto Meter Gauges and Stay Safe Too

Whether you own a commuter vehicle, highway cruiser, race car, high performance street rod, or a tricked out ATV, when it comes to replacing or upgrading your gauges, auto meter gauges are the only gauges you need to look for. Your vehicle’s gauges are a visual indication of how your vehicle is performing. Depending upon what type of vehicle you own, the number of gauges and the purpose of those gauges may differ. However, regardless of what type of gauge it is, your gauges need to provide accurate information and be manufactured to withstand years of regular and consistent usage. Gauges are technologically advanced to provide concise readings and available in a vast assortment of unique styles suitable for virtually every customized vehicle.

Speedometers are just one of the many gauges available. A speedometer indicates the speed at which the vehicle is traveling and serves as a critically important visual aid that lets the driver know exactly how fast the vehicle is moving. The speed limits posted by those in authority are posted in order to protect the safety and security of all those who travel on the multitude of roadways throughout the world.

They are posted to serve as a warning of what is considered the maximum speed that a vehicle should be traveling based on that particular terrain and environmental condition. Going above the maximum speed is considered to be hazardous and, as all those who drive on the highway are well aware, going above the speed limit can earn you a speeding ticket from a well intentioned police officer. These officials are trying to protect the driver of the vehicle, and the rest of the drivers on the road, from any personal or physical damages that might occur due to excessive speed. It is obvious the speedometer is a very important vehicle component.

Speedometers need to be extremely reliable and built to last, but not all are built with the same high quality standards. They are frequently relied upon by driving industry experts for their dependability, accuracy and designs that let them watch their speed in style!

Other customizable gauges include devices that provide a driver with important information about the current operating condition of the vehicle. Tachometers relay important information about how hard the engine of the vehicle is working to the driver. They measure the amount of power being generated by the engine and then visually convert this information into a unit of measure known as RPM’s. Different engines are designed to withstand different RPM’s and also built to withstand different RPM’s based on various road conditions and circumstances.

When a vehicles engine exceeds its specifically recommended RPM’s, or revolutions per minute, it is working harder than it was designed or built to do, thus putting the proper functionality of the engine at risk. Changing gears at the appropriate time ensures that the vehicle does not exceed its individual RPM recommendations. Tachometer gauges transmit and relay this important information to the driver who can manually change gears to adjust the RPM’s and keep the engine running at peak performance levels.

For vehicles with an automatic transmission, the tachometer gauge acts as the alert signal that the transmission is not operating properly, thus giving the driver the opportunity to stop the vehicle and avoid any additional trouble that might occur as a result of the gears not shifting at the appropriate time.