Meditation, Auto-Suggestion and Creative Visualization – How to Astral Project

Creative visualization can do many things for us that we would otherwise think as impossible. The subconscious mind is a wonderful world of possibility that can open up our realities. It is imagination where it all begins. Meditation and auto suggestion are prominent parts of astral projection.

“If you can think it, you can accomplish it,” was a very popular thought that was used for the express purpose of auto suggestion. A man Named Napoleon Hill wrote a book that has become very popular ever since the moment it hit the shelves. It was well received for the exact same reason that many others are not highly accepted. It was a very old spin put on the practical understanding of creating monetary wealth. Money the root of all evil.

I do not believe that money is evil. I absolutely love that book and others by Napoleon Hill and believe he would side with me on this next sentences entirely. Nothing inanimate in and of itself can be bad or good. Our thoughts give things power that otherwise would not have any.

People make the mistake of transference all the time. If they could only see how well it works and use it in a different perspective it could, and would change the world for the better. The moment doubt enters, failure follows.

Anything is possible. Truly believe it and you can do anything. But first you must see it in your mind. It is a lot like affirmations. The more you tell yourself something over and over again, the more the self believes it. This is exactly how astral projection works. It is the veritable lock on the door keeping those thieves and vampires out. There is simply no other way in.

Astral projection is set up in just such a way that if you do not truly believe in it, it simply disappears. It hides inside your subconscious mind waiting for you to go to sleep. When you are asleep the rest of you goes there. When you tell yourself over and over again that it is there the mind relaxes to it. Allowing the astral projection to take place. So auto-suggestion, creative visualization, combined with meditation can and will get you to the astral plane.

Beat Office Stress With Visualization Exercises

When you’re working, it’s expected you will experience some kind of stress. After all, you have plenty of sources: demanding boss, office politics, deadlines, revisions, projects, and a whole lot more. It becomes more severe when you’re a family person, as you need to take care of your spouse and children after your time at the office.

However, a lot of people experience more negative stress than the others. More than 25 percent are experiencing physical signs, such as headaches, fatigue, muscle tension, appetite loss or gain, and loss of libido. Around 72 percent, meanwhile, develop mental issues such as anger, anxiety, depression, and energy loss. Some will also acquire sleeping disorders such as insomnia.

It’s not surprising that a good number will develop bad working habits such as absenteeism. Others would just quit their jobs out of burnout.

It’s very important for a person to learn to deal office stress the best way possible, one devoid of any medication or other conventional treatment. A very good method you may want to consider doing is visualization.

What is visualization? It’s a process where you create images or scenarios in your mind. The purpose of these scenarios is to, first, address the problem; second, to determine the best course of action; and third, to improve quality of life by means of subliminal messages, which you can tap anytime.

How to Accomplish It

If you want to do visualization, here are some of the steps you need to take:

Find the best time to do it. Visualization doesn’t have to happen at night or in the morning. Determine the best opportune moment. However, it’s recommended you do so at a time when there’s least noise or distractions, as this procedure requires your full concentration.

Determine the best position. You can lie down or sit on a chair. You can even stand and just close your eyes (this may work well for those who are used to the process). Make sure you’re very comfortable. Any inconvenience can still be distracting.

Close your eyes and breathe in and out. You cannot visualize properly if your mind is very much crowded. Hence, you need to find a way to get rid of worries, including office duties. So close your eyes and take slow and very deep breaths. Feel the vibrations created by the breathing. That will hopefully bring you to the present moment.

Visualize and add subliminal messages. When you’re fully relaxed and your mind is free, you can then start to visualize and feed subliminal messages, affirmations, or auto-suggestions into your subconscious. If you’re starting out, this is a challenge. You may then need the support of materials such as mp3s you can now download online. You can just play the subliminal messages or add them to your iPod. Listen very carefully to the spoken words and allow the music or the sound that goes along with them to make you feel further relaxed.

Power of Visualization

Yes, it works for me. Its called auto-suggestion also known as visualization.

Its actually about how your brain work. I just found out recently that 90% of your brain works in the sub-conscious while the 10% work on the conscious mind.

The easiest example is riding a bicycle. in the beginning of riding a bike, you are on the conscious mode. with practice, the information on how to ride a bike is passed to the sub-conscious and you will be so good that your brain will take over your body and you ride it without much problem.

The same thing goes for anything you are working on or getting. You need to visualize it and keep playing the ‘victory’ part in your mind so that your mind will know what to be aware of.

Because your sub-conscious mind does not know how to differentiate what is real or what is imagination, thus they will always treat imagination as the real thing.

The problem most people face with visualization are three folds.

First is because they doesn’t know what they want. so they have nothing to visualize on. For me, I want to be a trainer and public speaker, thus every time I goes to work, I will take about 20 – 30 minutes visualizing myself standing in front of the crowd and talking to them.
In 3 months time, I joined Toastmasters, a platform for me to speak in front of the crowd and also given opportunities to facilitate classes.

Second is because that they visualize on the wrong thing. Do you realize that most people think about what they don’t want instead of what they want all the time? Thus they always get what they dont want. if you want to do well in exams, think of the effort put in, the examination, the you that breeze through and the joy when you receive your results. Instead of panicking, sweaty palms and crying. You feel much better and and more confident that way.

Third is because they don’t follow up with action. No pain, no gain. You sow what you reap. Day dream itself will not get you far. It will help you, but how far you want to go depend on yourself. You got to work on your goals so that your dream will materialize.

Lastly, I have realize that once you are fix on a goal and you visualize it often enough, opportunities to achieve that goal will start to present itself. Just Do It!

Tapping Into the Power of Visualization to Achieve Your Goals

Tapping into the power of visualization is a highly effective way to achieve your goals when you combine it with the power of self-belief and action.

When John Reese was in his mid-20s his last job was working as a video store attendant. But he knew that this was only temporary and that he was destined for bigger and greater things.

Every day he would take to work with him two magazines – Entrepreneur Magazine where he could learn about business and be inspired by successful business owners and entrepreneurs and Auto Trader where he look at Porsches that were for sale. John Reese had, and still has, a passion for fast cars.

“When I had nothing I was already driving Ferraris and Porsches and stuff because I always wanted those cars. I already knew I was going to have those cars. It was inevitable. That was just my inevitable outcome.”
John Reese

When asked what he was doing with the Auto Trader magazine John Reese would calmly say:

“I’m picking out the Porsche I’m going to buy.”

You can imagine the derision that received but he was undeterred. Even when his boss told him:

“You know you really shouldn’t do that to yourself, John because it’s very, very, likely that is never going to happen. It’s very likely that you’re never going to have that car.”

But John was adamant:

“No you don’t realise that’s it’s inevitable that I will drive here sometime in the near future with that car when I’m not working for you and drop movies off for you to put back on the shelf.”
John Reese

There’s an important lesson here – don’t live your life by other people’s standards. You can’t live your life by what others think is possible, especially what they think is possible for you, because time and time again history has blown the lid off what is possible.

As Dr Wayne Dyer, author of “Excuses Begone!: How to Change Lifelong, Self-Defeating Thinking Habits”, puts it you essentially have two options when it comes to your beliefs. You can believe that something isn’t possible and so consequently you act to support that particular belief and so manifest its inevitable outcome or you can believe the opposite. You can believe that something is possible and so act to support that belief and, in many cases you will achieve your desired outcome.

And even if you don’t achieve your desired goal what you will succeed in doing if you believe that you can achieve your goal will far surpass what you will achieve if you believe otherwise.

We can never know for sure how things will turn out because we cannot predict the future but it’s so much more rewarding and fulfilling and empowering to have thoughts that support what you desire in life rather than thoughts that support what you don’t want in life.

Years later John Reese did indeed drive up to this video store in his Porsche 911 Turbo convertible. Some of the individuals he had left behind were still working at that store. There were gasps of admiration.

“Wow! That is awesome! Is that your dad’s car?”

Instead of having an “I told you so” attitude instead he simply replied:

“Not exactly.”

He didn’t have anything to prove to these individuals. By using the power of visualization, self-belief, sheer determination and hard work he had achieved the goals he had set for himself when he was working at the video store. And it didn’t stop there.

John Reese continued to set himself what might have appeared to be even more audacious goals. For instance, he set himself the goal of earning a million dollars online in a single day – something which at the time had never been achieved before. And he achieved that goal too. So certain was he of this outcome that he registered the domain a week ahead of day when he planned to pull off his million dollar feat.