Five Tips on Choosing Auto GPS – Making You One Step Closer!

However you managed to get from A to B in the past, it seems comical now when comparing it to an auto GPS navigation system. I have nothing against maps and they can be beautiful to look at – but at times they only make your journeys more complicated (especially when in the hands of a passenger!) If you are driving alone of course, going by the map means finding a suitable place to pull over before you can get your head around it. To make things worse, you have to locate your route and flick through pages, turning the map on its head and so forth. Phew – thank the heavens and the satellites that we have GPS! I am not even a hundred percent sure if we can really rely on street signs – but that is another matter, let us focus on the benefits of GPS for your auto and how you can choose the right one!

1 – Vision and Sound

With a GPS for your auto, you will often come across a feature that has a sound function as well as just visual routes. This is a preference to most when they are having to concentrate on the road ahead of them and can’t focus fully on the GPS screen. A perfectly clear voice-over feature can explain you the route so you only have to open your ears to the system and maintain your eyes on the road. This could also class as a safety feature when you think about it.

2 – When Hunger Calls

How relevant this is to you or not, you can’t deny that one of the great features of auto GPS systems is locating your nearest restaurant or gas station when you are in an unknown area. In some of the top models you can even narrow your search to find the nearest restaurant of a certain cuisine – Sushi anyone? While mentioning points of interest, you can also locate banks, hotels and tourist attractions!

3 – Entertainment Center

Once you have located the nearest bank and called in for that sushi, you can retreat to your auto and allow your top of the range GPS (not all will have this function) to entertain you. Those with a good sized memory and a touch screen can also be used as a portable media center! Just use a USB cable to transfer media data such as MP3 files to your GPS memory and later rig it up to an external speaker and you are away!

4 – Bluetooth Feature

So advanced is technology these days that you can buy a GPS system with bluetooth, allowing you to connect with your cell phone (as long as it is bluetooth too). When you have a connection on the two you can use your GPS for hands free calls – without the use of a headset. Furthermore, if you needed to book into a hotel last minute – you could locate one on your GPS and call the number provided.

5 – Breaking News

Another awesome feature of some GPS systems is a live news-tracker in correspondence with what is happening on you planned route. The unit will need an antenna for this function so that it can receive signals from an FM frequency, but the information you get could be vital in planning your route. If there is congestion, your GPS system can suggest an alternative route plan.

I hope that the information I have given here will open your eyes to all the great features of the GPS system for vehicles. You might not need all of the above, you might hate sushi – but you will certainly have a better idea when it comes to choosing the right auto GPS system for you.