Auto Accessories Go Modern

During earlier times, when a radio was fitted to an automobile it was considered to be an accessory and, in later years when it was fashionable to attach a fox tail to the auto’s radio antenna, this was also considered as an accessory.

My, how times have changed. There are so many items that were once considered to be extras that are now fitted to an auto as standard equipment and considered to be essential. This does not include the fox tail which, of course has gone the same way as Davy Crockett’s coonskin cap.

Today, the term, auto accessory encompasses a vast range of vehicle add-ons that vary from decals and pin striping to luxury items such as a cocktail bar, television or GPS tracking device. There are many outlets scattered throughout every city in the USA which, are stocked with a huge range of auto accessories that are suitable for almost every make and model of auto, truck and motorcycle.

There are odd times when the motorist spots an auto which, is the same make and model as his own, maybe the same color scheme even, but it looks outstanding. Why, you may well ask?
Well, it is because of the selection of accessories and add-ons that have been chosen for this particular type of vehicle.

Accessories can make any vehicle look exceptional, provided that they are chosen wisely and are professionally fitted. A highly polished set of mag wheels that are designed for the vehicle, can set it off from the rest. Tinted windows, iridescent paint and decorative hood ornaments can also enhance a vehicle’s visual appeal.

Of course, the regular application of a high quality polish will protect the paint work, keep the vehicle looking at it’s best and retain the auto’s original appearance. Attention should also be given to cleaning exterior trim items and regularly apply tire black to the tires and mud flaps.

As the public depends more and more on their autos for transport, they find that they are spending much more time inside their vehicles either commuting or enjoying recreational activities. This trend has increased the need for selective auto accessories, as motorists choose to add a variety of creature comforts to their autos, in order to make their commuting and driving tasks more enjoyable.

Auto barns and auto warehouses throughout the country stock a comprehensive range of accessories that include, not only tools, paints and spare parts but high performance surround sound systems that will allow drivers to listen to their favorite music, the latest news, their company reports or training CDs.

Commuting is not such a chore when your auto is air conditioned and equipped with cruise control, has plush seating that is fully adjustable and has an excellent sound system. Drink warmers or coolers are available, as is just about any conceivable device that will ad to the modern motorist’s comfort.

Are You Thinking Of Adding Some Auto Interior Accessories To Your Car?

There is a huge list of auto interior accessories out there available to you. And what you might find is that they not only add a visual accent to the car, but also that they make things a little easier. Just like you add jewelry to an outfit, that bracelet you are wearing could also have medical information on it, making it both aesthetically pleasing and very useful.

As cars sit out in the sun many times their plastic and vinyl ares start to fade and crack. One of the most common places is the dash board. Now, whether this has already happened to you, or you are wanting to prevent it, they make dash board covers custom made to fit you make and model of vehicle. Often times they are made of some sort of carpet like material. Now not only are the harsh affects of the sun not reaching the dash, but the carpet doesn’t reflect light, meaning no glare on the windshield. These types of auto interior accessories look nice, protect the car, and help you have a safer driving experience.

Seat covers are a popular and easy accessory to add to ones vehicle. And it is not hard to find them in a wide variety of colors, materials, or patterns. Any auto department in a store is bound to have Tweety Bird, or Frogs, or Cherries… What ever motif you are looking for, if you can’t find it in a store, then surely you could find some one on line to make one! They have also have very practical uses. If you have dogs then you know about dog hair and how it seems to weave itself into the fabric of your car seats. Let it weave into seat covers instead. These can be taken off to clean, and will help to preserve the life of your car. Maybe you have a new little one, and crumbs and spilled milk are becoming a common place happening in your car. With vinyl or leather seats that can just be wiped up, and you won’t have to worry about milk absorbing into the fabric of your car, causing an awful smell.

Fun Auto Accessories For Women Who Love Their Rides

When many think about auto accessories, they think about things that guys would buy to dress up their trucks and lowriders. However, many products are becoming available for women. In virtually every auto parts store, you can now find fun and funky accessories for vehicles that will appeal to women. Here, you will be introduced to some of these accessories. If you are a woman who loves your ride, or know of a woman who likes to express her unique personality through her vehicle, this article is for you.

Automobile decals are starting to become a popular accessory for women who wish to express their interests and personality through the means of vehicle customization. Decals are generally placed on the various windows of the vehicle, but there are many types of decals that can be used on the sides and other areas of the vehicle. Women who love their rides can select from many different types of decals, like:

o Dolphins

o Flowers

o Hearts

o Fantasy Art

o Sayings and expressions like “Princess”, and more!

Seat and steering wheel covers are also popular when it comes to auto accessories for women who love their rides. In many cases, seat covers and steering wheel covers can be purchased so that they match. Women can select from fairies, moons, stars, nature scenes, popular cartoon characters, hearts, colorful designs, angels, flowers, hearts, dragonflies, butterfly designs, Disney designs, and more when selecting this type of accessory. These covers can add a lot of style and personality to the inside of the vehicle and are very appealing to the eye.

Visor organizers and floor mats can also be purchased to enhance the visual appearance of the inside of a vehicle. These are often created in the same design as the popular seat covers, as well as steering wheel covers. If you are a woman who loves to spend time in the car, and enjoys adding your personal touch to your possessions, these little accessories can prove to come in handy. Not only can you select unique designs, but you can purchase them in many unique colors and materials. It is not unusual to see these accessories sold in leather, plastic, vinyl, and even soft and furry type materials.

Now, we all know that wearing a seat belt is the law. Many of us just despise this law…but it is in place for a good reason – our safety. If you are a woman who loves her car and you are in the market for auto accessories, you should consider the very stylish seat belt covers that are now available. You can quickly transform a generally boring seatbelt into the topic of conversation among those that ride in your vehicle. These, too, are sold in many different colors, styles, and materials for your comfort and preference.

Auto Parts & Accessories Made For Your Car

It would not hurt to buy spare auto parts and accessories for your car especially if you love tinkering with it and would like to make improvements on how the car looks. However, it still takes money to buy anything so it is best to purchase auto parts & accessories that are original and covered with warranty. These will ensure you that you will get your money’s worth. There are several auto parts, engine parts and auto accessories you have to learn about especially if it is your first time to buy and own a car. Knowledge on these items will aid you in times of vehicular problems, will let you know whether something has to be replaced or fixed and you will know which items will look good on your car.

There are several auto parts, which are the components of automobiles, that you have to know about such as the:

air filter – the device in your car that removes dust, pollen, mold and bacteria from the inside of the vehicle.
alternator – the part of your car which is used to charge the battery and power your car’s electric system. It converts mechanical energy into electrical when the engine starts running.
brake – an important auto part because this is the device used for slowing or stopping your car
carburetor – the device in your car that blends air and fuel for the internal combustion engine
clutch – the device used for rotating shafts
distributor – the device in the ignition system that directs the high voltage from the ignition coil to the spark plugs in the correct firing order
spark plug – an electrical device used in cars to ignite compressed aerosol gasoline

Another important component in your car that you have to learn the basics is the engine. The engine of your car is the part responsible for starting and running the vehicle. There are four stages involved in a 4-stroke combustion engine cycle and these include:


There are also different engine types for different vehicles and these include:

Gas turbine
Rocket engine
Steam engine
Stirling engine

Auto accessories on the other hand, are add-ons that can make your car look good and even run better. Some of the auto accessories that are often purchased from auto shops are:

Bicycle carrier
Body kit
Car alarm
Child safety lock
Cigar lighter receptacle
Cup holder
Custom wheels
Molded carpet
Power door locks
Power seat
Power steering
Power windows
Audio and visual entertainment devices
Automotive navigation systems